Case Study – Enterprise RPO

Global Insurance and Investments Business

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  • High reliance on recruitment agencies to fill vacancies
  • Lack of governance in hiring processes
  • Poor stakeholder and candidate experience
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  • An embedded onsite Avencia talent acquisition team
  • Implementation of technology that supported talent attraction, market mapping and talent pooling
  • Full review of internal recruitment processes and approval chains
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  • Strategic:
  • Workforce planning enhanced through the delivery of targeted competitor analysis and market mapping. Skills shortages and competition for talent significantly reduced through talent pooling and direct attraction for mid to senior hires.
  • Operational:
  • Substantial reduction in agency usage; at the end of year 2 of the agreement tracking at 76% direct fill and 37 days time to hire.
  • Financial:
  • Cost per hire reduced by approx. 50%.

“Avencia, the origin of the ‘game changer’. At the beginning of the partnership, we were all flagging under the weight of recruitment, with little opportunity for adding value. Our recruitment offering is now unrecognisable.“

HR Director – UK & International Division

“The quality of the recruitment we have now is “streets ahead of where we were previously”. Avencia is making a real difference in supporting us to achieve our goals.”

President – UK & International Division

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