Case Study – Strategic Workforce Planning

Global Insurance and Reinsurance Provider

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  • Our client was looking for a partner to enable a time critical, global growth expansion within a niche area of their business.
  • With significant contingent and permanent talent acquisition requirements already being delivered by Avencia, they asked us to design a resource solution that could deliver, without impacting an BAU recruitment.
  • The internal talent team operate as separate functions, based on location (UK, APAC, US and Bermuda), so sourcing, insights and processes varied per country.
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  • Avencia implemented a Global Project RPO, including a dedicated Global PM to lead implementation and partnerships.
  • Our solution combined business intelligence processes, with strategic workforce planning, and dedicated resourcing to offer a complete integrated talent acquisition project.
  • Automation of bulk approval processes and preapproved budgets.
  • Universal global processes allowing for regional variation and global MI dashboard.
  • Provision of local sourcing teams, with specialist insight and market analysis.
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  • Financial:
  • Measurable ROI, reduced human effort. Project management and access to specialist talent resources at no additional cost. No ongoing in-house support required.
  • Strategic:
  • Workforce planning and global harmonisation ensured the business-critical project was fully operational on time and in budget.
  • Operational:
  • Automated, data-secure and streamlined process resulting in gaining access to the right talent, within crucial time to hire deadlines. Improved Stakeholder UX.
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